The Architect

Francisco Martínez Galván


  • Director and Founder Francisco Martínez Galván graduated from the school of Architecture of the Polytechnic University in Madrid and moved to Marbella in 1998 to begin his professional career and has also developed projects in countries such as Dominican Republic, Switzerland and Portugal. Fransisco has designed some of the most renowned and prestigious projects in Costa del Sol and has, what we call, the it-factor. We were very proud and honored when Fransisco joined the team of The Resina 6IX. Martínez Galván Arquitecto ( is made up of a team of professionals with plenty of experience in the general management of all types of architectural and interior designing projects.

    Each property designed to put our clients functional and emotional needs first along with the company’s core values: quality, precise innovation, experience and constant adaptation to the specific needs of each individual project.

  • At the same time, they are aware of the ever-changing needs of the market and have the privilege of using the best technical and human resources in order to exceed every clients’ expectations and goals. They focus on developing a versatile use of architecture based on the criteria of absolute respect for the environment, equilibrium and proportion.

    Energy efficiency in architecture is rising and so are the benefits; it is our focus to incorporate this eco-friendly design from start to finish in all their projects because not only does it reduce costs but also household consumptions. A more efficient construction additionally provides a better investment considering the reduction of CO2 emissions. Less energetic waste helps the quality of the air due to the reduction in pollution, which allows for the houses to breathe with better ventilation.


    "THE RESINA 6IX is more much more than six luxury villas. The objective has been to create a home that unconsciously waves you to a peaceful state of mind, a 6IX:th sense. This has been achieved by integrating space and light together with the stunning views and the marvellous location. Since two years we´ve studied the project and made sure that the right materials have been handpicked to fit perfectly into The Resina 6IX lifestyle. Top quality and comfort are two aspects that are key for us, and which we proudly identify this project with."

Interior design



  • José A. FLORES is an internationally known Interior designer who implemented his projects in Marbella, Dubai, Paris, London, Tehran and the US. The philosophy and success of José is based on his passion for design, his creativity, constant strive to provide new creations, and a solid team with experienced professionals allowing a continuous flow and fusion of ideas that lead to astonishing design concepts every time. They´ve done interior designs for villas, hotels, restaurants, clubs, as well as furniture design and accessories.

    The professionals on Jose’s side are among the best in their field and work closely to fulfill clients’ demands. The technical developments of the projects are done through virtualizations in 3D and animated floor plans.

  • You could define the style of José as modern with classical influences, but certainly what is striking is the high quality of sophistication, elegance and subtlety involved in each of his projects. This is where you can appreciate the passion and respect he has for his profession.

    His creations have a warm and soothing feel, he goes beyond the limits of fashion, but always remembering the essentials of interior design.

    Over 15 years of experience worldwide have led José to take another step in his creative process, designing his own line of exclusive furniture of more than 50 carefully designed pieces, that make up AALTO COLLECTION, which is visible in showrooms in Europe and marketed through distributers internationally. In all his creations you can see a carefully studied mixture of textures, colors and personality as well as multicultural elements.

  • For Design projects José is working directly with the major renowned brands of the furniture world, including but not limited to: Poliform - Minotti - Smania - Maxalto - Donghia - Giorgetti - FENDI


    "THE RESINA 6IX Where the beauty means simplicity. Is an art • is a dream • is a therapy By: jaflores.

The team

Manuel / Red point

  • Grupo Red Point began in May 1998 with the intention of covering all the construction needs of residential villas and luxury homes. Today they are one of the leading construction companies in Costa del Sol in the segment of high-end luxury residences. Manuel, the owner of Red Point, has a close relationship with the architect (Fransisco) since many years and has transformed Francisco’s many dreams into reality.

  • Red Point is made up of a highly qualified and experienced technical team which, along with the ongoing development of new technologies applied to their projects, continuously strive after human, technical and business growth. When building a project with these high demands of luxury materials and designs it´s important to have a builder that knows how to handle these qualities and Red Point truly is a construction company that stands out when it comes to building in the luxury segment. And that´s why they build THE RESINA 6IX.

  • The founder

    Niklas Gad

  • The Art Director

    Johan Åhström

  • Head of sales

    Eric Ebbing

  • The Lawyer

    Luis Heredia